Skin care during Chemo.

Hello all

Coming up for Chemo 2, and looking for any advice about skin care products that are Chemo skin friendly.

I cut down facial skincare to the basics (or so I thought!) in the run up to Chemo, but a week in and my face was NOT happy at all with my usual products with cuts to the sides of my mouth, dry red skin under each eye (looked as though I’d been in a fight!) and dry/stingy patches on my eyes and cheeks. Lovely!  My usual products have been abandoned and I’ve located sample pots of sensitive skincare which I were lurking at the back of the cupboard.  Whilst vastly improved, I’m not quite there, and there are so many products on the market it’s difficult to know where to start buying new.  I’m 51 and had (until two weeks ago) pretty reasonable skin. Any suggestions of what has worked for you would be welcomed! 

Hi Mrs Kettlebell

I think it’s likely to be a case of trial and error for skin care. Like you, I abandoned my usual regime of Environ products as I suspected they’d be way too strong and went for simpler products. I loved Dr Organic Rose Otto Day Cream, which I got from Holland & Barrett but there were times when even that felt too strong. Mostly I used Simple cleanser and Simple moisturiser. You will find your skin becomes very delicate - I lost most of my wrinkles and agey things and had beautifulLy smooth but pale skin for the duration - then it reverted to normal with a vengeance.

Do be careful what you put on sore patches as these can get infected and infection you do NOT want. As you lose your nasal hair, your nostrils may become very sensitive too.  Avoid your usual abrasive products that you may use for blemishes and maybe ask your bc nurse for advice. I used a fair bit of aloe vera gel and also found good old Vaseline great for my lips and nostrils (the aloe vera one is more palatable) and a separate tub for other parts of the body which dry and get sore, like in and round the vulva and anus. Probably not something you usually have to think about but they become just as important in terms of skin care and avoiding sores. My GP recommended Epaderm to use for washing and moisturising and, 20 months on, I still use it.

Hope you find something to suit you. Those tiny sores magnify during chemo and you have enough on your plate without worrying about a sore face. All the best for the rest of your chemo xx

Thanks for all the tips on skincare. I’ve ordered some MooGoo stuff

: my face is so incredibly dry and my normal Liz Earle cleanse and polish/Beauty Pie Serum/ Origins Mega Mushroom moisturiser aren’t making any difference. One big change is I have a chin full of spots. I usually get one spot a year! Is there anything I can use? I would imagine things like Origins Spot On are a complete no-go now? 

Thanks for all the suggestions in the thread!
I completely understand how frustrating it can be to find the right skin care products during chemo. It’s great to hear that you have already found some products that have helped improve your skin’s condition.
I’ll add my recommendation to the mix - have you tried any products specifically designed for sensitive skin? Brands like Cetaphil and La Roche-Posay are known for their gentle formulas that are suitable for sensitive skin. They might be worth trying out if your current products are still causing irritation.
It’s also important to remember that your skin may be extra sensitive during chemo, so it’s essential to be gentle with it. Using a gentle cleanser and avoiding harsh exfoliants can help prevent irritation. And if you do experience any cuts or dry, red patches, keep them clean and moisturized to help prevent infection or work with beauty professionals like
I hope these suggestions are helpful, and I wish you all the best during your chemo journey. Remember to take care of yourself and listen to your body’s needs.

My doctor told me to abandon anything that has alcohol, aluminum, and that is not organic.