Skin care during radio - think I've got it wrong!

Hi all, 

Not even half way through radio rx and my breast is red, angry and incredibly itchy!


I was given very few instructions by the hospital  - basically anything goes, even bio oil - but reading on here I’m wondering whether I am doing the wrong things to protect my skin? I’ve been using Moo Goo, as I saw it was used and recommended by others with BC, but worried it may be oil based and exacerbating skin irritation. 

My skin has always been sensitive to bites etc (I get awful reactions) so now dreading the next few weeks of discomfort ?. 

Hi Coconutbean (fab name ?)

That sounds sore at the stage you at through radiotherapy! I was given very different advice on cream at the hosp. The radiotherapists were very keen for us to use QV cream which they supplied in as much quantity as was needed. We were advised to apply twice a day and my skin coped pretty well considering I am sensitive in the sun. One of the ladies I went with was told to use antihistamine when her skin turned itchy and looked like it had a rash forming and that helped her, they even said if we used aloe Vera gel to bring it in to be checked if it was suitable because it had to be 99% pure.

Does your hosp give you access to a specialist breast radiographer? May be worth speaking to them if you can. I found out we had access when someone else asked specifically to see one.
Wishing you all the best with the rest of the treatment xx


Hi Coconutbean, just echoing with Kathy, I had rads last year and my oncologist said not to use any moisturiser just BEFORE treatment -  he said skin should be be dry and free of all creams etc when you go in. I used to wash and dry my booby before setting off to be sure. I had my rads in the afternoon and I also found it helped to let the air get to it as much as possible for the first couple of hours after (not easy I agree while travelling home in public!) and then moisturise like mad in the evening and first thing in the morning. Hope you find some relief soon, do talk to the nurses for some help, and good luck xx    

My boob’s skin liked Aveeno (I had various samples at home of various creams, and whilst I tend to use Cetraben normally, my boob liked the Aveeno) - I used to put it on immediately after the radiotherapy.

Hydrocortisone is fine to use short term as well for the itchiness/ redness - but I would advise getting a Dr/specialist nurse to check you over to make sure you don’t have an infection/ it’s safe (it won’t thin your skin with short term use btw)