Skin irritation around PICC-line dressing


I’m from the March 2016 starters and have started to experience some skin irritation at the edge of the PICC-line dressing.  I’m fiinding it hurs more each time the dressing is peeled away from my skin.  I have ezema on my hands, and this is not considered a side effect of chemo (Taxol & Herceptin).  However, I’m wondering if anyone out there has experienced something similar, and if so, what did they do about it?  Oncologist thought it might be the gauze covering the dressing that was the problem, nurses not impressed with his suggestion to leave it off!  They have kept the gauze & omitted any tape holding stuff in place, relying on tubigrip.  This is working so far, but patches of irritation not going away and bits of skin peeling.  I already have steroids, ontments & emollients for exzema, so can use these.  

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to this, I’m nearing the half way point of chemo and don’t want skin sensitivity getting any worse.

Good luck & all the best to you all out there.

Mary xx

Hi Mary
I have reactions to dressings too and the one they put on my arm when they removed my picc took half my skin with it! I do get IV3000 by smith & nephew they used 2 one over the line then folded round clamp and cap and put gauze on the another over that so the gauze didnt touch my skin at all or any tape holding it these dressings didnt bother me at all. Maybe ask of they have them or can they order and if they can its worth asking GP can you have then take some with you and ask can you use these. Dressings are a pain though as what i get along with you may not so its trial and error but any good dept should have 2 types at least so they can swap you to another.

I ended up just lashing the irritated bits from the last dressing in betnovate and aveeno

Hope your last few weeks of chemo are trouble free x


That should say I get on with IV3000s :slight_smile:

I’m experiencing the same irritation. I’ve peeled back the edges and applied aloe vera gel which seems know be working. Will be asking the nurse for a different dressing this week.

Hi my daughter was also experiencing a reaction from the dressing 

Changed to tegaderm and has had no problem since the nurses at the hospital suggested it could be irritated due to skin shedding trapped in the dressing. But now 6 weeks with tegaderm and no  problem