skin like orange peel

I had my stitches out yesterday (11 days after mastectomy) and last night I *studied" my scar, which is still red and sore and bruised, But what is worrying me is that some of the skin below the scar looks like orange peel, if I remember from what I have read this is not a good sign, but I cannot find any reference to it now. Any comments would be welcome.

Hey Marial

like with everything else, if you’re at all worried give your BCN a call & get them to check it out for you.

I had a mx back in August & had the same kind of look to the skin under my scar, but it was just because they leave more skin there (in case you go for recon) & the pores seem very prominent to start with.

It looks completely different after rads.


Hi - sorry to hear that you are worried… {{{hugs}}} You are probably thinking of things you have read about IBC (inflammatory breast cancer) which is the rare type of cancer that I have… It is probably unlikely to be IBC if that hasn’t been suggested so far and they should definatly know from your lab results for the mx as IBC cells look very different to normal bc… You might want to mention it to your bcn though just to put your mind at rest… If you want to know anymore after that we do have an IBC subforum on here and are always happy to answer any questions etc…:smiley:

Theresa x

Thanks for your replies, but I don’t have a BCN, I live it Switzerland, came for 1 year over thirty years ago and stayed.

Hi Marial

I noticed you say you live in Switzerland and don’t have a BCN. If you need some extra support you can phone the helpline here from outside the UK, the number to call is: (+44) 2076 200 077

Hope this is helpful.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Marial, my skin around one side of my scar looks like an orange peel, too, I have been reassured that’s normal by my medical team, for me it’s due to the loss of fatty tissue after the radical mx which despite some post op swelling is sort of “shrunk”. If you are worried, you should contact your surgeon or your family doctor for confirmation that all is healing well. xxxxTina

Yes, my skin looked like that after my WLE/SNB, plus I had a large dimple - still do.

Ann x

Thank you everyone. I am seeing the surgeon tomorrow for my results and a check up post op. But I always loose it when confronted by a doctor and never ask the questions I want to. Silly me.
And Jo, thank,s I may well phone the help line sometime
Best to all