skin lump question?

Hi was at my check up a couple of weeks ago and got the doc to check a tiny hard lump I have in the skin of my recon side. She said it was the right sort of lump to be concerned about but was so confident it was in the skin that she said no need to scan it. I just wanted to ask if anyone had similar. I am not worried just a bit niggled with it being on that side.

this is a bit of a silly question. when you are given a prognosis does it cover both breasts. What i mean is i had a lump removed from right breast and onc has given me a 95% prognosis that it wont come back. does this cover both breasts or just area that was treated? - hope that makes sense!


you can get small lumps (I did) in different areas which can be bad. Many doctors do not know about thee as there are a very rare type of secondary. But a scan wouldn’t work as they are too small to show anyway. Needle check possible? But in the vst majprity of cases, I hasten to add, they ar just fine!! - I only gvie paranoid advice having had these myself on scalp as frst sign of retrun. Hope these are OK for you!

ps 95 % prognosis = come bavk anywhere AT ALL in the body