Skin mets away from site?

Hi all

Looking for a bit of help here - is it possible to get skin mets away from the site where the bc was? I have a ‘nodule’ type thing on my forearm - which I noticed later in the day I was confirmed as having ca in 2 lymph nodes (bc dx July 07 - had chemo, mast with 9 nodes removed all clear, then rads - finished March 08).

Am I being daft or is this possible?
I will be seeing consultant prob next week for results of node clearance which I had last week.

Any comments/experiences welcome


You are not being daft. Please mention this to your consultant next week.

What you have meetnioned is unusual but not unheard of.

It is inevitable that once you have a cancer diagnosis you will worry about unsual symptoms in other parts of your body.

best wishes


I recently went to my GP because I had a couple of lumps under the skin on my thigh. I just thought it was a lumpy vein. However, I was immediately sent to have an ultrasound. Thank goodness they were just fatty lumps. As Jane said it is best to get these things checked out. Fingers crossed you will have a similar experience to me…


Hi I hope you don’t mind replying. I think you should have it checked out but I have found LOADS of lumps and bumps all over my body since dx in December 2006.I am almost ceretain they have been there for years but you see I was never a lump or bump feeler before cancer struck. I have arthiritis quite badly as well so have bone ache permanantly. I can only say that I have a ‘new’ site nearly every couple of days where I am convinced that it has returned. As prognosis not too good I actually cope quite well mentally. I had a lump come up on my arm the other week and went into a hot sweat. I then calm down and wait and it is usually fine. I think it was a bite of something. I know how you feel and it is the legacy we are left with after treatment. Hope everything ok and try not too worry love Eileen

Hi Girls/Ladies

Thanks so much for your comments. Will def mention it - hopefully next week rather than week after!! Keeping everything crossed it will be nothing - altho I know it was not there before as I would have noticed it while moisturising.

Hope you are all ok
Sending Hugs to all

Just wanted to say, that I had a local skin recurrence with a nodule on my forearm appearing about 10 months later. When a skin recurrence moves it is extremely unlikely to go to your forearm, but I have spoken with a lady who had 2 pos nodules confirmed ther… SO!..get it checked, though rest assured it is more than likely to be a lipoma.