skin mets

hi could anyone give me any info on skin mets ie is it cireable what traetment u have and what are the signs i gtg wed to see surgeon mx 6 wks ago got red ichy rash above scar gp thinks might be inf but i didnt think inf itched any advice be gratefull laura


I don’t know what the symptoms would be but I would have thought it more likely to be something to do with the surgery you have just had. As your GP says, possibly an infection or a reaction to the dressing.

Good luck with your appointment.

Ann x

hi laura, i had a red area about 3 - 4 weeks after my mastectomy and lymph node clearance. it was getting bigger. I got put on an antibiotic drip in hospital it was cellulitis. i hope it is just something like that. will be thinking of you and will message you during the week. take care x