skin/nipple sparing surgery

Has anyone had skin or nipple sparing surgery? If so, where did you have it done and by whom? Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks.


hi maccy

i am going in hospital today all being well (feel like im getting a cold) im having skin saving mastectomy tomorrow so if this goes ahead i will keep you posted
take care
joanie x

Hi Maccy,

They couldn’t save my nipple as the tumour was just behind it but they cut off the nipple and areola and kinda scooped out the breast tissue thus saving my skin. A circle of skin from my back (I had a LD recon) was placed where my nipple was and in time they will make this into a nipple, tattoos for colour and all.

What kind of surgery are you having? Your surgeon should be able to tell you whether he is able to save the skin or nipple, depending on where the tumour is, size etc.

x O

Hi Maccy

I had a skin sparing mx & LD recon a year ago. I have a circle of skin from my back same as ostrich, could not save nipple because of the position of the tumour. I am having the nipple recon on Thursday ( had to wait because my surgeon was ill). I can then have it tattooed when it’s healed. I live in Cornwall.
I’ll let you know how it goes.
Best wishes