Skin reaction during radiotherapy


I am just about to finish my course of radiotherapy - i have one booster left.

I have quite a bad skin reaction (very red, burnt and sore and itchy) and very painful breast tissue, in and around the treated area. It was described by a help line nurse as “fibrosis”. 

My question is can anyone recommend any topical creams or oils that i can use once the therapy is finished to help heal my skin? I have heard about vitamin E oil, for instance but am unsure.

So far I have been using aloe vera gel and polymem dressings (given to me by the hospital).

I also get random shooting pains both in the breast and beneath it, too, which I am assured are ‘normal’ but any help would be appreciated in healing this too.

Generally I feel like I am carrying around a very painful and tender ‘rock’ right now.

Thank you for reading this

Hi there, I had a bad reaction also my skin broke down & left me bad burns. The district nurse saved me when they recommend a cream called flamazine 1.0% silver sulfadiazine. In three days it started to heal !! Hope that helps x