Skin reduction bilateral mastectomy

Hi there,

I’m looking at having a skin reduction bilateral mastectomy (as I have a larger bust) having had a gene mutation diagnosed while undergoing treatment. I wondered if anyone else has had this type of mastectomy, and what the results have been like? Particularly aesthetically? Whether you went for implant or own fat/tissue? I’m being rushed into a decision because if I have radiotherapy the surgeon is saying I won’t be able to have the implant. Any thought and experience would be so useful. Thank you in advance x

Hi Theresa,

I’m halfway through a skin and nipple sparing bilateral mastectomy. So far I’ve had the ‘prep’ stage - so basically a breast reduction. I was larger busted, too - a H-cup. Now down to a C or a D, and tbh it’s great! Definitely a silver lining in all of this.

So far I’m really pleased with how things are looking, but obviously might be slightly different op and I still have the main stage to go (in January). At the moment I’m almost certainly going for implants, but want to have a few final conversation points cleared first.

More than happy to chat more if you think it’d help you xx