Skin sensitivity

Hi since my mastectomy reconstruct and sentinel node dissection I have found my skin on my face has been hypersensitive. Whatever I do it seems to come out in a rash. My eyebrows are so painful after a tint and I never had that before when tinted. My hair after highlights few days later started itching and going dry. I have had to change shampoo and all moisturisers. It’s so annoying. I am not sure if it’s since the ops or just my age as I menapausal. I am not on any meds apart from pain relief now and again and I did not have chemo or radiotherapy. It’s all since my operations. Has anyone else any advice or had similar symptoms. Thanks ? Lynne x 

Hello Lynne ,it’s a bit of a mystery if you are not on hormone medication or had chemo / radiotherapy .Could it be that the stress of everything you’ve been through has had an impact on your system as a whole ? You could ask about this in the Ask the Nurses section see if they can shed any light on this ?