Skin stretch before LD flap

Skin stretch before LD flap

Skin stretch before LD flap Shot in the dark, or maybe I’m just being fanciful but …

I’m a lean build and my only hope in the reconstruction stakes is the LD flap plus implant. Given that the muscle AND a chunk of skin is required I’ll be pretty deficient on the back/shoulder.

I’m wondering, before suggesting it to my surgeon, whether anyone out there has had pre-operative expansion of the back skin i.e. in the same way as some folks have expansion at the front with the Becker implants.

I really hate to lose a chunk of skin. Mutilation at the front is bad enough but it’s a shame to have such a mess at the back too and photographs on reputable websites depict unsightly results.


LD flap Hi there

I had an LD flap reconstruction with an implant 18 months ago and like you haven’t got much skin or tissue to spare. I wondered how on earth they were going to manage it, but decided it was their problem not mine.

I don’t know what photos you’ve been looking at but you can hardly see my scar at the back in fact my bra line makes more of a mark, and you wont be loosing a chunk of skin it will just be in a different place.

It can never be the same as the real thing but honestly I am really pleased I had it done, made the whole experience less traumatic.

I know its not for everyone but I had it done immediately so only one operation.

All the best with whatever you decide.



I’ve just come out of hospital after having a bilateral recon using the skin and muscle from the back and I like you am of a slim build, I too worried about how they would manage to get enough skin etc to make two breasts but I have to say they did it and did it very well.

I am only three weeks post op and the scars across my back are right in line with the bra strap and very neat looking, it does feel as if the skin is pulling when I move about but I keep doing the exercises and it soon starts to loosen off, the pain is managable with basis pain killers.

I am well chuffed with the breasts too I am aroung B/C cup depending on bra style etc and I know once everything has settle down I can go back to wearing lower cut tops without a vest underneath.

Having the recon is the best thing and I would go through it again to get the result I have.

Good luck and stay positive


To KIaz Hi Kaz, just reading your post and glad to hear you are pleased with the reconstruction. I am having bilateral reconstruction the same way in 4 weeks time and am hoping it’s not going to be too uncomfortable.
I’d like to know the gorry details like what you were able to do straight afterwards and how you slept, went to the loo, washed your hair and all those sorts of things. Could you make drinks when you got out of hospital and potter around a little bit or did you need to rest all the time?Did you have radiotherapy? Did you have implants aswell and if so how soon were they pumped up? How soon were you out of bed and walking around?Any info greatly appreciated. Where did you have it done, I notice you are from my region I’m having it done at Chesterfield. Hope I’m as pleased as you afterwards, take care.

LD FLaps - Kaz Hi Kaz

Thank you so much for a very encouraging reply. I keep being told to be wary of my expectations and “get the best from the outcome” when all I want IS the best outcome.

I don’t have a plastic surgeon involved but a surgeon with a specialist interest but I have everything crossed and would cycle from Brighton to London for a good result and soon. As it is I’m only committed to the one way London Brighton trip on Sunday!

Better log off to train … thanks again.

Kaz - LD Did you have implants too?