Skin tethering after surgery and new symptom

I’m 7 weeks post surgery and it’s healing nicely. Had lump removed and breast reduction. 

I have some skin tethering near my armpit (where the cancer was) which restricts my movement a little and caused a dimple. Not concerned about this being cancer. But does anyone know if I’ll always have this, or will it improve. Or would I need a small surgery to free it?

Also I’m getting a weird new uncomfortable symptom… Any bump on the breast causes nerve pain to shoot through me (pretty normal I’d think).  But for the last few days I’ve had a low intensity version of this ‘nervy’ discomfort through my body! Has anyone else had this? I wondered if it might be nerves in the breast healing and starting to wake up? I do have numbness on bottom half of my breast. 

Hello @Janxxx  

I can recall having all sorts of weird and wonderful pains in my breast after surgery but was reassured to be told it is just the nerve endings healing, which I’m pretty sure is what you are likely to be experiencing. 
If it doesn’t settle down or becomes worse I’d suggest speaking to one of the nurses or your own BCN 

AM xxx