Skincare and haircare during Chemo



Im going to start chemotherapy next week and Im looking to get some skin care and hair care products. Any recommendations on products ? Thank you !

Hi Cuba,

I just use regular body butter moisturiser, currently alternating between a French Connection one, which yesterday had the chemo nurses raving over how nice I smelt! And one from boots Champneys Distant Shores, it’s passion fruit and mango and is a bit lighter than the FC one and smells heavenly!


I know a lot of people use bio oil too.


Take care, hope chemo goes well for you.

Carmen xx

Hi Cuba, I was very fortunate in that my lovely daughter bought me products online from Jennifer Young (expensive) but they are amazing x

If your cold capping you will need a pH neutral shampoo and conditioner. Either simple or the new herbal essences.
I used aveeno (can get it on prescription free if money is tight) to moisturise, skin does get dry. Some ladies also use udder cream on their tax hands and feet, and a good cuticle oil.

Thank you for all the useful advice ladies! Made my preparation a whole lot easier!! X

I can recommend the Simple products especially shampoo and conditioner. Also nail care products and varnishes from foot - non of the horrid components of normal nail varnishes and the cuticle oil kept my very damaged nails looking reasonable. Best of luck with your treatment xxx

Sorry it’s for the nail products

Hi - I have cold capped and used the organic Aloe Vera shampoo and conditioner and the Aloe Vera body lotion in the same range which have worked really well for me.  I am struggling however to find a suitable face moisturiser as my skin has become very dry and sensitive.

The best skin care product which is very helpful for cancer patients during Chemo Therapy                      

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The skin care product for cancer patients after chemo therapy is

Hello does anyone know if wearing hair mousse might help with the falling of hair? I was thinking as it kind of sticks the hair together it might stop some hair falling with day to day movement?