Staying awake…Are there anydrugstostayawake?fed up ofsleepiinng!


Tournesol xx

Dear Tournesol

It’s so good to hear from you, I think a lot of us have been wondering how you are. I don’t have many ideas on the sleepy front but maybe others will. You probably need to sleep but hope there are good things for you when you’re awake. Meanwhile many. many hugs. B xx 

Hiya tournesol
Its good to hear from you but sleeping is a way the body rests and recovers so don’t worry to much. I would have thought steroids would keep you awake but maybe you are not on them.
Anyway when you are awake …visit us here as we love to hear from you.
Hugs Carolyn xxx

Hi tournesol,

I wonder if you are like me - keep falling asleep throughout the day. I sleep really well at night and am away as soon as my head hits the pillow. But as soon as I have had my brekkie - sitting in my armchair, I fall asleelp again. I thing it’s what they call fatigue, and I have found this a problem for years now. One of my oncs way back suggested I could give dexamphetamine a try. I don’t take it regularly but there are times when I really do need to be awake and alert. Hubby and I run our own business from home and although I don’t do very much these days I did look after our accounts, now I have a bookkeeper, but I still need to get stuff ready for her. On those days I will take just one pill and it really does help. It just gives me a break sometimes when I get fed up with sleeping so much. When I told my  GP I worried about taking this sort of pill - she laughed and said it was prescribed for kids with adhd at a much higher dose than I was taking!


When I discussed the sleep problem with one of my hospice nurses she suggested having set times when I lie down on my bed and sleep - set the alarm to wake up say after one hour and teach your body to form a habit. I don’t know if this will work 'cos I haven’t tried it yet but pass it on for what it’s worth.

Hi Tournesol!!


how lovely to hear from you. You are always in my thoughts and I was wondering how things are going. 


You serm to have the exact opposite problem to me! One reason Im awake now is because im on the ipad too much late at night, if that helps?


caffiene is supposed to kerp us awake, so lots of coffee? Anyway, do keep us posted about how you are going?  How is the hospice currently? Lots of people to chat to? 


Lots of love, Moijan???

hi tournesol, lovely to hear from you. hope they are taking good care of you. I’m not much help on the sleeping front but all the ideas so far are worth a try. the only thing i know of that may help is ‘Pro Plus’…think its a caffeine based ‘pick me up’ but i may be wrong. Just dont let your sleepiness become a thing of worry…you have enough of that!! Hope yo find something that works for you soon. Lots of love. x