Sleep Patterns

I’m currently experiencing a disturbed sleep pattern. I either can’t get to sleep or when I do I wake up at 4am and have difficulty getting back to sleep. This means I’m tired during the day and as I finished my chemo back in June I’m trying to get back into a good routine. I used to wake at 4am with the steroids when I was on FEC. Being in Scotland the daylight comes up very early, so when I switch the light off again the birds and the gulls are squawking so there is no peace!

I have tried taking herbal sleeping tablets (Goodnight tablets, containing valerian), camomile tea and reading for an hour before bed. I’m also having early nights. It’s all a bit hit and miss - some nights it works, some nights it doesn’t. When it doesn’t it really catches up with me. I had a very long spell of exhaustion on Taxotere/Herceptin and I have been feeling a lot better since I finished Taxotere mid June, but this disturbed sleep makes me feel like I am going backwards.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Cherub I also live in Scotland I finished chemo 3 weeks ago I also have trouble sleeping I am also waking at 4 I some times get up or I just lie there its a long night though I also feel its such a long day when you havent slept the whole night. I had a sleep last night until 7 this morning I went into next door neighbour last night we had a few drinks and that did the trick. I wouldnt want to rely on alcohol but to get me to sleep though might become an alcoholic. Then that would be another problem to cope with (ha ha) I think I have spoken to you before on the live chat on a thursday where in Scotland are you I am just in the middle between Glasgow and Edinburgh. I was looking at some threads the other day on here and there are quite a lot of ladys taking sleeping pills so have a look through the threads they have put the name of the tablets on there as well they say you dont even waken up feeling rough on them. I dont think I want sleeping tablets either I do hope we can get back to our normal sleeping pattern soon I do feel a lot better now that all my treatment has finished I do have to take Arimadex for 5 years but as long as they keep me alive I will take them for ever. I hope you are well let me know where you are in your treatment. You Take Care Love Linda xxxxx

Hi there

When i was on chemo i used the normal Nytol, i bought the tablets where you were advised to take two but i just took one and that knocked me out, also i did the same with night nurse when i was desperate, they come in a tablet form and instead of two tabs take one, this really knocks you out and was fine with the chemo.

Good luck and wishing you sweet dreams.