sleeping after Diep..

Hi,Im now 6 weeks post Diep and Im finding it impossible to sleep on either side so Im stuck looking like a whale in the same position ,which is on my back!!! The other night I had a nightmare and in it was in awful pain I then woke to find Id rolled over onto my side & it wasnt a dream …it hurt.So got back onto my back & eventually fell asleep still with pain then in the morning I was back to normal.Please can another Diep lady tell me if this is to be expected?And when do most people feel ok on their side for sleeping?I do have bleeding in my new boob which is gradually getting syringed out,maybe this is the problem?Thanks for reading this,take care Debs

Hi Debs
Sorry to hear you’re having problems with sleeping. I wonder whether it is the fact that the new boob has the bleeding. As you know I am at same stage but ok sleeping on the new boob though must say I still much prefer to sleep on the good side as whilst new boob isn’t painful, it does feel uncomfortable still.

Hope it gets sorted out for you and soon.
Twinmummy x

Very sorry to hear that your new boob bleeds and you have problems with sleeping. I wonder if you have contacted your surgeon about that? Perhaps you need to be seen if everything is OK. I had my DIEP 4 weeks ago. I can sleep on my right side or my good boob side immediately, but I found it very uncomfortable to sleep on my left side on the new boob. However I have now begun sleeping on my left side. I am extremely fortunate that my new boob heals well after the surgery. Good luck, I hope they sort out your bleeding problem.


Thanks for your help,its bleeding within the new boob which occured just after surgery,my surgeon sees me each week!!!Hes been great because it hasnt happened to a patient of his before.Im wondering if it not only that prob but also the weight of the new boob pulling if I try to go on my good side?Im off to the hosp again this Tues also to the norm routine Breast Clinic,which will be strange.I certainly couldnt manage a mamagram on this new boob oouch lol.I know that wouldnt happen,just joking.As with you all my scars have now healed,Im abit behind you with recovery because of infections etc.Will you need lipo work on yours to make it equal to your good one.Also are you still wearing a bra at night? Take care Debs x

Hi Deb

Hope your new boob is settled and better now. My size is 34 B, does smaller size helps you to regain the ability to sleep on new boob side sooner??? I am not sure, but I have been able to sleep on my new boob side now. Hurray, so I can toss and turn - left and right :slight_smile: My scars all healed too, my plastic surgeon gave me some silicon tapes to stick on all scars for 2 months, it helps to reduce & minimise raising scar and redness.

I am still wearing bra 24/7, but there are couple of occassions I went to sleep without it, freedom… I have started wearing ordinary bra during the day time two days ago. Some American PS recommend to wear the under wired bra after the scar heal, this is to give more definition to the shape. BTW, I have a dent near my cleavage. Will ask my PS is there anything he could do to minimise it. Anyway I am just grateful that I got my boob back, dented or not.

It’s been four weeks and a bit after my operation. Yesterday I ventured out on my own, drove to the shopping mall and managed to walk for 3 - 4 hours with no problem. That helped to gain my confidence back. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hugs xx

Dear miss piggy,thanx so much for your post,it was a real surprise.Im a size 36b and still cant lie on my side but its improving a tiny bit.Im now more than 6 weeks so hav driven and its strange that you really do have to get your confidence back.I still feel sort of wobbly & strange lol.Ive been told to keep my sports bra on all the time too,but fancy treating myself to a nice fancy lacey bra asap.I was wondering which shopping mall you went to?Please keep in touch and youre beating me recovery wise so you get the gold medal lol.Take care Debs xx


i understand about being stuck sleeping on your back.
i had my diep in september 2007 and got very fed up not being able to ly on my side for weeks,
my husband went out and got me one of those V pillows and it really helped me sleep more comfy.

to be honest even now over 12months later, i sometimes find lying on my diep boob a little uncomfy.

i do enjoy being able to buy pretty bra & pants sets again and find i spend far too much money.
kim x

Hi Debzz1 - how’s your boob today. I hope it has much improved. Are you taking Vit C? It has excellent healing property. Like Kim said, soft cushions or pillows help. Just be patient, you’ll heal before you know it - then you’ll be walking around with a much enviable flat tummy :slight_smile: Yes, nice lacey bras and matching pants will do you good. I went to get 3 pairs from M & S at Harlequin Mall in Watford, but may venture out next week to Debenham or Selfridges in London. I am back driving and walking around now. Like child birth, you forgot the pain.

Hugs xxx

just wrote a really long reply…only to have it deleted as i pressed back to forums instead of submit- boohoo…as its now late I will do it again tomorrow,Homer & miss piggy take care thanx millions for your replies it meant alot.Bye for now Debs

Hi Debs
I had my diep about 18 months ago so it’s hard to remember timings but when I first started sleeping on my side I used a small pillow to support the new boob. You won’t be lying completely on your side but at least it’s a change from lying on your back all the time. Also if I laid on the good side I put the pillow between my boobs so the weight didn’t pull the new one.

Hope this helps.