Sleeping after WLE

Hi, I’m new to this site. I had my WLE &SNB 22/12. I get pain under breast, away from excision site every time I lie on either side.I wondered if anyone has any tips on how to get a decent nights sleep

Hi Pinot

I had same op as you end Nov and I’ve been sleeping on my back ever since (and, alledgedly, snoring quite a bit…) For a while I found it helped to have a cushion right next to me in bed on the affected side to support my arm while it supported my boob (had my arm at a right angle with forearm under boob while I slept, top of arm supported by cushion.)

It’s a lot better now as time goes on but still hurts when I go from sitting to standing and vice versa.

C x

I didn’t have too much trouble, but the anc hurt like hell. I found after the wle x 2 that removing the bra helped no end, just in bed. Much more comfy.

Hi Pinot

I remember it being quite uncomfortable to sleep at night and i also could only sleep on my back for few weeks and a squishy pillow under affected arm definately helps, it does improve though. Sorry not very helpful advice. Wishing you a speedy recovery from op x

if sleeping on my back i put a pillow under the affected arm. if sleeping on side (unaffected side) i put pillow between my arm and side of my body . so i can rest my dodgy arm on pillow if that makes sense. i find it helps. also i sleep in stretchy crop top for some support for boobs personally.

it does get better as weeks go by though.

lots of hugs TTM xxx

I was advised by my surgeon to always wear a firm sports bra 24/7 for the first three weeks. Best is one with separate cups as if you get one that just stops vertical movement they still move sideways, which doesn’t help when you lie on your side. So I shoved a cotton sock down my cleavage to help keep them in place when sleeping. Not the most glamourous look but it did the trick, and let’s face it, sleeping in a sports bra isn’t particularly glam either.

Hope that helps.

My GP prescribed 20mg of Amitriptyline to be taken at bed time. It’s brilliant at killing nerve pain and it has a sedative effect.