Sleepless nights/Trazodone

Hi.  I have posted in other places about my inability to sleep properly.  GP prescribed zopiclone which are sleeping tablets.  Over the past few weeks I have been taking them more and more and finding them less and less effective. Yesterday  on a routine visit to GP - to review my meds - I told GP.

we discussed my sleep pattern and she has told me not to use them any more.  She has given me TRAZODONE. She says not to take them on a regular basis but just when I feel that I need help to sleep.  

I tried Amitriptylene just after diagnosis - 4 years ago - but I had a bad reaction to them so can’t have those.


GP told me that when I take the Trazodone for the first time I should make sure that I do not have anything important the following day “just in case”


Just wondering if anyone here takes or has taken them.  GP tells me that they were initially an antidepressant and are occasionally used for that purpose now- but I don’t need regular antidepressants which is why she says to just take them ‘as and when’ she will monitor me in one months time…



Hi Lynne


sorry about your sleep prob. I take Zopiclone irregularly as Id heard they reduce effectiveness over time if you use them every day…they are good, but I only take half a tablet.!


i also have some amitriptyllne, half a tab at bedtime relaxes me, I dont take them often either.


i sympathise because I know what its like to lie there and lie there whilst the seconds tick away!


what I have tried recently and works well for me is very deep breathing and counting my breaths…but it might not work for everyone, I try and completely fill my lungs and completely empty them, forcing it each time.


best of luck…I have no experience of your new tablets.