Sleepless nights

Good morning ladies
Another sleepless night, it’s 2.30am and I have to be up early tomorrow (today) for my bone scan. Really looking forward to the boredom and I might with a bit of luck doss off in the middle of it – sooo tired.
I’ve got a huge bruise on my arm where the phlebotomist removed some of my precious blood last week and no doubt they will have another stab at it tomorrow.
Can anyone tell me roughly how long after mastectomy and ANC I should get a treatment plan (surgery Tuesday). I’m assuming they can’t tell me what my treatment will be until they have looked at the nodes or whatever. I’ve been told cells are definitely in the nodes but they don’t know how many are affected…
Something else I just remembered, hospital tells me I have cysts on other breast, what do they normally do with cysts, do they drain them, cut them out or what. I didn’t even think to ask last time I saw a doctor I was just so relieved that it wasn’t cancer in that breast as well.
I want to be able to sleep properly again, I’ve never had a sleep problem, once I am asleep it’s the sleep of the just, nothing wakens me. Managed to sleep through the hurricane that hit Glasgow lots of years ago, didn’t hear or feel the Buncefield explosion although both OH and daughter did,
Ah well, I think I’ll go to bed now, if I’m awake why shouldn’t OH be awake as well, it is a partnership after all!
Goodnight to all you night owls.