Sleepless Nights

Hi. I will soon be undergoing mastectomy and reconstruction again after 16 years. Generally I feel ok about things during daytime hours. However come sleeping hours I find myself awake most nights with the words “I’ve got breast cancer, I’m scared” constantly running through my head. Anyone got any tips for getting through this or recommendcsime kind of light therapy 

. Many thanks in advance for any assistance.

Morning, I too find during the day ok to manage. I also am lucky enough to drop off almost immediately when I go to bed. I do go to bed early, about 9pm and I read a little before sleeping. I find then that I wake up in the early hours about 4.30 ish, and my first thought is I have cancer. I have stopped getting angry with myself for not being able to sleep and accept that for a while my sleeping habits are altered. I dont feel tired during the day, I do take multi vits and manuka honey. I have found using the serenity prayer also helps, as I examine what I can do in this situation and what is out of my hands. Once I have that sorted I am less anxious. Hope your days go well, hugs Cazzy 

I go to bed by 3 o’clock till 6 o’clock in the morning…it’s exhausting

An over active thyroid makes people very hyper always on the go, and an under active thyroid is the opposite, very tired.
I don’t have thyroid problems, but I have never been a good sleeper, and never sleep through out the night, my mind is very active, I just put up with it, its part of my life.
You could try and blank your mind and then only think of one thing ( It can be difficult, I think of the number one or ten) also relaxation is good, starting from your toes and working all the way up your body. Some tea’s can help, as long as its not a stimulant. Stopping smoking and reducing alcohol is supposed to help.
I really hope you can find something that helps, good luck 

I am 2 months post surgery and have been struggling with sleep for a while.

I’m trying to relax e.g. yoga class, planning a massage next week.

I have a relaxation ‘remedy to roll’ from Neal’s Yard which I love. 

This combination is helping me and I am sleeping better xxx

I’ve never been a good sleeper, must admit, I do take the occasional sleeping tablet, but jigsaws have been a great help. Because I don’t want to disturb hubby, I get up, make a cuppa, usually one of my herbals like chamomile and then tackle one of my jigsaws, which is usually in progress from another time. It’s amazing how you become so immersed in finding and fitting pieces that your mind is totally consumed and you don’t even think about the fact you have cancer. Often my husband has appeared with another cuppa and I realise I’ve been sitting for three hours doing my jigsaw and it’s time to get up.


I’ve purchased a big pile of jigsaws from the charity shops, so as I have nine months of chemo to go and then radiotherapy, I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied.:smileylol:

Hi Catneil, I hope you’re doing ok. As I often suffer sleepless nights, due to other health reasons, I feel your pain.

I’m in the "waiting for results"stage, and the not knowing has kept me sleep deprived. Goodness knows how you are coping. Just when we need a good sleep, and we can’t is awful. I’m used to it, but now with this fear it’s bad. Lack of sleep sends my already poor mental health haywire. At the moment I’m just drinking tea, cuddling my dog and listening to audio books. It helps me drop off early hours of morning. I grab a nap in day of possible. I do hope things go ok for you, I will keep you in my thoughts.


Hi Catneil  


I was practising the Now presence from Eckhart Tolle for about a month before my op and am still doing so now.  He has lots of videos on you tube and his website you can register for free on line courses.  The main book if you want to read about it is called the Power of Now.  also another called Stillness Speaks, it may help some.


Give yourself lots of pampering treats, Reiki healing may help calm you.  I am attending a gong bath next week.  First time I’ve tried it, basically its sound therapy.  It all depends what interests you really.


Meditation techniques may help too if you do one every day,  check out the Honest Guys on You Tube also.  Abdominal breathing is another one.


Hope you find something that helps stop the mind chatter at night.


Wishing you all the very best for your forthcoming op.


Luv n hugs :heart: