Sliding makeup!!!

Dear All,

I need help !!!

Can anybody recommend a makeup ie oundation that doesnt slide off the face when having a flush ??!!! I need to start feeling a bit girly again but all my stuff just seems to disappear ! I have a rather large family do on Sunday as its Hubbys 40th and I just want to try to give the air that alls well to stop the famalies from worrying so uch about me !!! I hope you all understand !

Love to all xxx

Have you tried mineral powder? It is lighter than liquid foundation but still has good coverage.


Hi Ermintrude

I use Clinique Redness Solutions. Seems to stay on quite well and tones down the red nose! If you go somewhere like a big branch of Boots or Debenhams they have women on the counters who’ll let you try it out.

Have a lovely day on Sunday.


when I was in LA my friends kept water based foundation in the fridge. I find that using an all-in-one powder foundation like MAC works best for me, then you can just blot when you flush.

Bobbi Brown make-up works for me and holds on when others fail! I use the liquid or stick foundation base topped off with a powder. Many variations to suit your skin type and shade and with so many choices it is worth taking the time to try out options before ‘investing’. Well worth taking the time to find the brand and what works for you.

Good luck,


Thank you so much for your suggestions I am off to Boots in Bromley today to see all the glam makeup girls… who knows I might even get some freebies !!!

Have a good weekend everybody xxx

I had to change foundation when I had hot flushes. I used to use a Clinique liquid, but now I use Elizabeth Arden mineral foundation powder. Its got a SFP 20 in it. I was very sceptical trying it, as I’d always used Clinique liquid, but now I wouldnt go back to a liquid as I love this too much. Its a bit pricey, but Boots often do a 3 for 2 on EA products, so I stock up then.
If you go to the counter, they’ll put it on for you and see what you think.
Jane xxxx


just been on look goog feel better

The lady mentioned a estee lauder foundation that will not move
from face at all even in hot flushes

forgot name though maybe go to counter and ask

might be of help


Rosie xx

Thankyou all,

Quick update I used max factor lasting performance and it stayed on all day !Highly recommend it !

Love to all xx

Just seen your post and wanted to suggest bare minerals x

Hi ermintrude

I use mineral foundation too. I’m quite fair skinned and found all of the more expensive ones left a bit of a yellow tinge. I now use Avon and its fantastic, very natural and stays put :slight_smile:

Hope this helps
Katie x

Just seen your post. Estee Lauder Double Wear. FANTASTIC!!!

Another Estee Lauder Double Wear Fan here…and I also use the little powder booklets (body shop) to stay shine free throughout the day.