Slight dip on right nipple

Hiya all not sure whether it’s something that’s always been there or if it’s new although I can’t say I’ve never noticed it before but then I don’t think I was ever aware of the changes to look out for until recently. 

The dip I feel comes and goes…sometimes it’s more noticeable standing other times laying down. I asked my husband and he couldn’t see what I was seeing so not sure if it’s all in my head. It’s on the areola part of the nipple. I can’t feel any lumps or anything. 

Hi Shennah87,

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Sorry that you havent had a reply to your post from Thursday.


It might be worth making an apt with your GP as any changes to the breast should get checked out, that does not mean that it will be cancer as there are other breast conditions which are non cancerous, but for peace of mind it would be worth making an appointment.