Slight pain in good breast.

Hi, after lumpectomy 5weeks ago, I was experiencing slight pain in other good breast and under arm, after results though was told the tumour was slightly bigger, so just had recent mastectomy 5 days ago, I’m still getting this pain in other breast though and under arm, nurse said not too worry, it could just be the excercises that I’ve been doing since the lumpectomy. You know how your mind goes into overdrive, I keep checking for lumps! Has anyone else experienced this?xxx

Hi munchkin. I didnt have masectomy but did have biopsies, WLE and then a Cavity Shave op. I have also had pain in other breast and under my arm. I think it is partly psychological but i have been in to the breast clinic to have it checked. I did have to go to my GP to be referred as my BCN said that was the procedure because it was my other breast. I was seen within 3 days though. I hope you feel better soon - you have been through a lot and our bodies react to the schock and trauma. Ask your BCN and ask to have your breast checked to stop you worrying xxx