slight panic!

Hi all,
Looking for some advice, I was dx Sept 2010, treatment finished in Dec, went to docs yesterday as worried about swollen boob - just wanted some reassurance really, but he sent an urgent referral to breast clinic, as I’m not due to see anyone until June, I’m now really worried that I’m going to be seen as a time waster, as I don’t have any lumps just swelling compared to the other side, just wanted him to tell me its normal! I have tried to cancel but the woman insisted I come as gp had sent urgent referral. Has anyone else gone back to breast clinic with similar worries? Or so soon after original dx?

Thanks in advance

speaking as someone who assumes every twing means it has spread somewhwere else, it is normal to worry about something abnormal.You should not worry about being a time waster,it is far better to have it checked out and put your mind at would feel worse if you ignored it and should not have.
be kind to yourself, and hope it all turns out to be nothing


hi there
sorry you have this concern but you are absolutely right to get checked out asap. Don’t worry about time wasting- your team would want you to report any concerns so they can check you over + hopefully reassure you that all is well
all the best with your appointment
tina x

Thank you lucinda and tina, for taking the time to reply, I’ve spoke to my OH who insists he will be there to shout at anyone who makes me feel like a time waster, I won’t be seeing my usual surgeon as she is unavailable, that’s why my check up has been moved from April to June - again this is why I went to see gp, just wanted him to say everything is ‘normal’ and not to worry! Ah well 2 weeks to go, will let you know how I go on x

Crazy Cat Lady,

You aren’t wasting time. I was dx in May 2010, and if I have any concerns, big or small I go to see my GP. Far better to put your mind at rest.


You really won’t be seen as a time-waster, if that was the case your doc would probably have been the first to mention it!!

Putting your mind to rest is as worthwhile as taking any medicine to fix a physical ailment. Best of luck x

Quick update, for anyone that’s interested! Been to clinic today had mammo, no bc nasties lurking, but looks like I’ve got breast lymphodema, so getting a referral for massage techniques .

Thank you all for your messages, it helped me feel less of a fraud! X

After reading this post I don’t feel as silly as I did earlier today when I left a message for bc nurse to call me please. I am feeling very lobsided. If I look at boobs it is like looking at two different women. I is full and quite hard in places the other is saggy and flat. It is really efecting my confidene about wearing certain clothes as it shows badly. I am also struggling to lift the arm after nodes taken, is this normal also? and do either get better. I finished all treatment in January. I had my op in October, so was expecting things o be well and truly sorted by now. Thanks for reading

Hi Kathy,
Looks like we have similar symptoms, I too had op in Oct, finished rads in Dec, and swelling started a couple of months ago, I went to gp thinking he would tell me it was all normal don’t worry, but apparently I should have rung bc nurse - so your not silly for doing that!

So after being checked out I’m now waiting for an appt. For lymphodema clinic - joys! But i really hope they can make me less lopsided! I’ve had to buy a load of new bras, as my old ones just squashed the swollen boob making it worse!

I hope you get seen soon Kathy, I will warn you, they sent me for a mammo just to check there wasn’t any nasties lurking - and it wasn’t pleasant on a very swollen breast - 4 days later its still quite sore.

Take care, let us know how you get on x