Slightly Panicked

Hi all,


I noticed a strange swelling/thickening at the top of my left breast about 2 months ago but just thought I had pulled a muscle so never really thought any more about it, until last week I noticed it was getting slightly bigger and I could feel a small pea sized lump to the side of the swelling. Phoned the doctor and got an appointment the next day (Wednesday). She could see the swelling easily, had a good feel around it but seemed to focus more on the small lump and my underarm then just said she was referring me to the breast clinic and I needed an ultrasound and a biopsy…never said anything more, no ‘Don’t worry, I’m sure it just a cyst’ nothing lol So needless to say Ive been panicking ever since.


I’m only 28, with a 3 year old boy, but 2 of my aunts have had ovarian cancer (1 Died) and the other also had breast cancer because of that genetic testing was done and we have the BRCA2 gene in the family ( I haven’t been tested)


My doctors reaction has panicked me the most and I was just wondering if I should panic or just calm the hell down lol

I can understand your concern but please try not to panic. Having decided to refer you to the clinic I think the GP probably wouldn’t give an opinion or tell you not to worry. For the vast majority of women referred on to clinics there is nothing sinister found but most of us do worry. You were fortunate to get a doctor’s appointment quickly and referred on. The waiting is always difficult but with a three year old there will be plenty to do! Try not to panic. Hope all goes well.

Hi Dani04

Welcome to the forum where I’m sure you will find lots of support from fellow members.

As well as the support to be found on here you could also call our Helpline.  They will be able to offer you practical information and emotional support.  The opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000

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Thanx shelly, you too. X

It’s my first post, but wanted to wish you good luck!!! :smileyhappy:

Thinking of you, Good Luck!!

Ok, my appointment was a bit of a waste of time. Got taken pretty quickly but then had to wait in the wee took for 20 because they were really busy.

Doctor came in and was a tad on the rude/couldn’t be bothered side. Out of nerves I kept mixing up her questions or rambling a bit and she kept telling me to stop and treated me like a child. She then proceeded to examine me and said it was nothing to worry about but she wanted an ultrasound. Clinic was too busy for ultrasound to be done today so I’ve to go back in a few days time.

Only then did she ask me about the changes in my left breast. ‘Has your left breast always been bigger?’ …NO! ‘Has the swelling changed?’ …yes! It’s got bigger!

I feel massively let down by the doctor today. I’ve never been to a breast clinic before and I’m not someone who goes to the GP for the least wee thing and I got made to feel like a fool :frowning:

oh no dani04, I had mine, he thinks something going on sent me for mammogram but they had no spaces left today got to wait, and then ultrasound. sorry they made you feel like that, I had that when I went back in 2012. If you are not happy speak to your gpx

Hope everything goes ok shelly, keep us posted.


Thanx everyone for all your good luck messages yesterday. I was so disappointed with my appointment yesterday, I just felt like i wasn’t being taken seriously because of my age (28). I was really nervous and kept mixing up my answers to her question, my brain just went blank. Now realising I should have taken someone with me lol 


After reading that a few people have had to go back for scans I don’t feel quite as let down my the doctor but her manner was so rude I found it shocking. Now back to the waiting game for my scan appointment, the nurse ( who was great ) said it shouldn’t be more than a few days. After the Doctor had examined me and asked a few question she just let the room without another word and the nurse tried her best to explain everything to me. I’m confident that everything with me will be fine, but this experience has seriously put me off ever getting anything else investiagted again. 

The waiting is driving me mad, still not had my ultrasound appointment, hopefully hear tomorrow. In the meantime my left breast is getting bigger. It was slightly larger but it has gotten worse since my appointment on Thursday and it’s now noticeably larger than the right breast. So after calming down last week and being confident that everything was going to be fine, I’m now back to panicking.

New poster here-- sorry to hear what you’re going through Dani! I’m in the same boat right now. I’m 26, I have a lump and a rash in one of my breasts and am waiting for an ultrasound. My GP was concerned immediately upon my breast exam and sent me in for a stat ultrasound… I had been expecting to have it brushed off as “probably nothing” so it was a surprise. It has been a stressful weekend.


Hope we both get some good news soon.:heart:

Hi Dani

You are not alone. I am waiting to have my appointment at the breast clinic a week tomorrow so dont even know what I will need to have done. I have not found a lump and neither has my GP but I have some other changes which I am worried about. Its going to seem a long week waiting till next monday and its half term as well so got to try not to show how anxious I am feeling for the kids sake.


Freaking out now as got my appointment at the clinic in the morning. Hard to relax.
That feeling of having to wait 2 weeks for your appointment is a nightmare as I had to do the same. Seems like forever. x

Had a mammogram and ultrasound at the hospital today and everything is fine. The breast consultant said my breasts both look normal and that there is nothing wrong with the skin or the veins which had appeared. She said breasts do change with age. The mammo was actually not painful but when I had the ultrasound which was to scan the left side of my breast where the pain is it did hurt. She said something about the glands there and hormones could be the cause of the pain and said although it sounds daft to try evening primrose oil. Consultant also said to use it. So now I tell myself that there really cant be anything wrong with my breasts and feel happier. x

Thought I would leave an update. Had my ultrasound today, the woman only scanned one side of my breast and 1 of the lumps? Which I though was a tad odd. Anyway…the lump wasn’t showing on the ultrasound…anyone ever had this happen to them? I got sidetracked by it not showing that I forgot to ask why the never checked the other lump. So I have no idea what’s going on lol my left breast is still swollen, and the other lump is still slowly growing. Don’t know what to do now. Do I just leave it and see what happens or go back to my gp? So damn frustrating lol x

What was the conversation at the end of the scan? What have they said about the size difference ?