SLNB nerve pain

Hi hi ad bilateral mammoplasty left therapeutic with snlb . Healing well but the burning/electric shock type pain in armpit and down arm is really holding me back .
G.P.has prescribed amyltryptaline which so far has made no difference.Can you suggest anything else or any local preparation gel etc .

Hi sheils

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You don’t say when you had your surgery, but many people experience pain, numbness and a burning sensation or an electric shock type pain.

Ongoing (chronic) or persistent pain may be caused by damage to the nerves, particularly those in the axilla (underarm). There are different ways of controlling this pain which are described in the link. Amitriptyline is commonly prescribed for nerve pain as a way of trying to manage this type of ongoing pain.

This type of pain can be both distressing and frustrating, so it’s understandable you feel that it’s holding back your recovery. Having pain may also make it more difficult to do arm exercises and maintain a good range of movement.

As healing takes place, these effects usually subside. For most people this happens within a few months. However, for some, they can persist, and we know this can affect quality of life.

As the pain relief you have been prescribed is not working, it’s important to report your pain to your treatment team so that it can be assessed. Some people benefit from specialist advice so your doctor may refer you to an NHS pain clinic. And some hospitals run pain management programmes.

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