I know I’ve posted about this before, but does anyone still gave issues with it? I had it done the end of Feb, and then started chemo about 3 weeks afterwards, so I don’t know if it had enough time to really heal. I finished my chemo June 26th so I understand that I’m still trying to get rid of the drugs out if my system and it is starting to re-heal. Noticed this morning that it was slightly bleeding, not loads, just the odd spot. I’ve mentioned to my bcn and dr and surgeon that it’s been aching and feels sore but they’ve all said it looks fine, there’s no infection! So, has anyone else had this? Thank you

not quite the same but I had a similar issue with my Port incision. Each cycle it would almost heal, and then when I had chemo it would start to look red and a bit open again. last chemo was on 11th July and its finally looking like its healing properly.

I would say get it checked out though if you are worried.