Hi am having slnb in two days. Has anyone experienced any nerve damage or lymphoedema as a result? This really worries me at the moment. It’s my right side and I’m right handed. Am afraid the lasting damage will affect my work etc. this terrifies me more at the moment than having the mastectomy, as I can cover this from people. Any advice welcome. Thanks xx

Hi Danmac10, I had my SNB, followed by ANC over 2 years ago. The SNB was fine and completely painless, the ANC however has left me with permanent numbness in my armpit, upper arm and shoulder blade due to nerve damage, it used to drive me mad but I’m used to it now. Mine too was on my right side and I am right handed, it does make things a bit more tricky and you do still automatically use your arm for heavy lifting etc, but you do adapt eventually, unfortunately it is the lesser of the evils im afraid. Take care CC x

Thanks for that. I know they need to do what they have to do. I know at least I need a right mastectomy. I’m a nurse and the fear of not being able to draw up injections and manual handling is hitting me harder than losing my breast. I also have three strong labradors who are my life and thinking I can’t walk them and throw things for them to fetch is agonising. Nobody will know I have no breast or have a re instructed breast but the impact of nerve damage +/- lymphoedema really scares me. I have been incredibly positive so far- even surprised myself! But this is something that I really fear xx

*reconstructed not reinstructed! Silly phone

Hi Danmac10,ihad a WLE and full axillary node clearance in June of this year i started my excersises the day after surgery and apart from having a seroma aspirated x1 i have had no further problems.Yes there is alterd sensation under the armpit but you adjust to that.I had surgery on the right side and i am also right handed.I have started going back to the gym twice weekly and also do a kettle bell class once a week with no ill effects.I have been a nurse for the past 37years  and returned to duty 4weeks ago on the front line in a 50bed MAU and it felt as though i had never been away,i do not feel restricted in regards to my work in any shape or form.I hope your journey goes as smoothly as mine and this has helped in some small way.Best Wishes Julesx

Thanks that’s very positive thanks very much. The whole concept of the impact of the after effects of surgery scares me more than losing my breast and I’ve only just turned 33 so hopefully have a long career ahead . Thanks again xx

Thanks chascat I know there will be some
Adaptations and will
Cross those bridges when the time comes. Just love my dogs to bits- although they know mum isn’t well at the min as they are acting differently xx