'Sloshing' sound after mastectomy

Hi all,

I had my mastectomy on Wednesday in day surgery. Since coming home I can hear a ‘sloshing’ liquid sound, like a hot water bottle in my left side ( where the breast was). Is this normal? It doesn’t hurt, but sounds & feels odd.

Thanks for any advice.


Dear Dorsetlass,

Sounds like you may have a seroma, (according to what I’ve read elsewhere on this forum and on the Breast Cancer Care booklets) which is a collection of fluid that’s built up since you’ve had your surgery. If it is this, it may settle and be reabsorbed on its own or it may need to be drained.  You could contact your Breast Nurse Specialist at your hospital on Monday for advice. 

I haven’t had my surgery yet so not speaking from my own experience.

Look after yourself.