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I haven’t been given an appointment date to get the results from my sentinel node biopsy (10 days ago). However, I have an appointment to go and have a CT scan to trace the blood vessels for my DIEP flap this Thursday. I’ve got an appointment to see the surgeons on the 30th so not sure how long after that the operation will be. They keep telling me its listed as urgent. :womanfrustrated:

Got an infection in the wound from the sentinel node operation and it’s been weeping and swollen and really sore down the back of my arm…sounds like I’m feeling really sorry for myself I know…sorry. 


‘sorryforself’ Sam


Hi Sam


Never apologise. You’ve taken some huge blows recently and your world is upside down. While they are talking about the physical, the emotional trauma gets ignored. You’d have to be superhuman not to be upset at an infection after a sentinel node biopsy - it goes deep! Presumably the hospital is treating this so it won’t delay surgery.


I don’t know the answer to your question but I do know that the CT scan may provide information that informs your treatment so maybe you’ll get it all on the 30th. Do take someone you trust with you, someone not emotionally involved who can make notes and maybe ask the questions you don’t ask because you probably won’t remember everything you want to remember. I know I just numbed out after my second appointment - it was just too much to handle. But a friend of mine would pass me some neat notes with everything that just floated past me!


You’ve several good reasons to feel sorry for yourself. It’s normal and you shouldn’t have to pretend everything is ok when it’s not. Presumably you’ve been assigned a breast care nurse - I’d ring her and ask, to put your mind at rest on one score at least. Take good care of yourself meantime x

Hi Sam, you are perfectly entitled to feel sorry for yourself. Be super kind to yourself; rest and relax as much as you can. Wishing you the best. Wonky. X


sorry to hear you have an infection -ouch

hope you pick Up soon.

i know the waiting around is so hard as it’s so difficult to plan anything at all

Good luck and hugs x