Small dent

I have had a small dent on the inner part of my left breast for a few years now. Asked Gp about it but he couldn’t feel a lump so said it was nothing. I’m worried now as that one side gets very itchy too. 

Good that your GP checked you out initially  . I suppose the good news is you’ve had for years and nothing has significantly changed .You could always go back ( maybe ask for different GP ) and see if they have a different view ? If it’s causing you a lot of anxiety another GP may refer you for further screening to put your mind at rest .

i had shingles when i was about 38 and it’s very painful so sorry to hear you have had it too. If you feel there’s something odd about this dent, don’t rely on a GP view. One of my GPs said there were 3000 patients on their list and she’d never had a case of breast cancer in her career. So go and get it checked out at a breast clinic with imaging equipment.

Cheers Seagulls