Small dent

Hi I’m new to here. Anyway history drying after a shower this evening I felt a small dent on my left breast. Im unsure if this dent is a stretch marks or if it’s something else. I can still feel a small dent when I raise my left arm and I am tender a little on my left side of the chest. TIA

Hi Tia,


This sounds like something you need to take to your GP if it is still there in a few days and you can’t find an explanation for it.


I could be any number of serious or not so serious or innocent conditions.


I know it’s a hassle to make an appointment and a long delay but some breast cancers can first be felt as a dent, In the meantime you can monitor the dent and see if it gets bigger or goes away.


Your GP will take a look and if it is something that needs investigation, s/he will refer you to a breast clinic where they can do an untrasound or mammogram or take a biopsy to see what the dent is. Took 2 weeks from my referrel to my appointment.


My experience is that I’ve had 2 lumps about 5 years apart. The first was removed and completly benign. The second was cancer.