Hey people!

So over the past few days I have noticed the SMALLEST dimple on my left breast, I’m talking so small to the point where it’s not even noticeable in daylight. I’ve only just seen it due to the poor lighting/shadows in my bedroom. It’s right near the cleavage. My breasts are very small anyway (I’m talking A cup lol) so it’s difficult for me to notice things like lumps and dimples cause there’s barely anything there lol! (To me anyway).

My diet over the past few 3/4 weeks has been terrible, I don’t know if this contributes to breast changes. I barely eat (I’m currently waiting on payday lol, it’s a rough month) so I have obviously been losing weight! Should I be concerned? Opinions?

Thank you x

Hi Sarah,


If you are at all concerned and think it unusual for your breasts (which evidently you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be posting), then make an appointment to see your GP and see what they think.


There are many harmless causes of breast changes, however best to get it checked out. 


Seabreeze X



I have just seen your post and wondered if you have made an apt with your GP to get it checked out? xx