Small hard lump in reconstruction

Hi All

I had a Mx and pap flap recon last August after a diagnosis of widespread DCIS.

I haven’t had any real problems with necrosis so far, but today found two very tiny, very hard lumps deep in my recon breast in the area towards my armpit. I’m going to go back to the clinic but was wondering if anyone had experienced anything like this?

Yes I had this and the doctor got a biopsy device and cut it out. It turned out to be a very small bit of fat necrosis, but I did feel it as a lump near the upper segment of the skin graft circle where my nipple used to be


Thanks. I feel a bit crazy going to check it out as it’s maybe like 2mm if that, but I can feel it under my finger. I wondered if it was an internal stitch that hadn’t dissolved. The original lump I felt was actually a very small papilloma which wasn’t much bigger so it’s hard not to be paranoid.

I had mine removed as I was convinced the diep reconstruction could mask recurrences, I unfortunately did some googling and there they were. It’s easy to see them though. You can’t take out all breast tissue so there can be stray cancer cells, rare but there you are. I am going to ask for mammograms of both sides at some point. I’ve refused them since 2004 when my cancer didn’t show up on one, but the older you are the fattier your breast go so there shouldn’t be any dense tissue left. Not that I know. I did have mammograms before my surgery but none since

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