Small lump in arm

Hi All,

I have very mild lyphodema in my right arm. A couple of weeks ago I felt a small, hard, pea sized lump just above my elbow in my inner arm. It is under the skin and feels attached. I think it is getting slightly bigger. Has anyone else had anything like this which is lymphodema related? I know odd lumps are cause for concern post bc so am going to speak to my macmillan nurse this week…but just wondered if this is something that happens?


Hi Liz

I’ve not heard of this, but if you wear a sleeve, wondered if it might be a cyst (or similiar) caused by the rubbing of the material?

Anyway, you’ve done the right thing by arranging to have it checked out asap. Keeping everything crossed fpr you that it’s something harmless and boring.



Hi Liz

Last month i noticed i had a small hard lump by my knuckle and underneath my armpit. Obviously i panicked (as you do whenever you find lumps!) and my doctor checked it out and said they were just small cysts. They have disappeared now which is reassuring!

Hi - thanks for coming back to me. I ended up having to have a biopsy which was a bit scary…but all fine! Hooray. Was something like a fibroblast or something, but no sign of anything dodgy.

Hope you’re all keeping well