Small lump under armpit - eek!

Can I start by saying I am astounded by what lovely people seem to be on here. I have trawled through posts and dr google for nearly a week regrettably.

I noticed an about 1-2cm lump under my armpit about 4 weeks ago now. I am 27. I went to the gp last week who referred me on the 2ww to the breast clinic.

Of course I’m worried but I am optimistic. Since then I cannot stop touching it and sometimes it seems smaller to me than then , not sure if I am imagining it. I guess Im very conscious I might go when its so small and be robbing someone of an appointment. Is it really a concern because its smaller?! Now I would say its small marble size.

Im not sure if they are new or always been there but I did notice some red little marks on both boobs. But dr did say boobs felt fine on exam. 

I guess I am after some opinions or similar experiences?! 

Well done you on being vigilant and also having a doctor who has referred you You are not doing anyone out of an appointment It’s vital you get yourself checked over too Please try and remember till a professional tells you, you have breast cancer you do not have breast cancer But once you feel something, you can’t leave it alone and keep going back to it to see if it’s still there don’t you, then you google to try and work out what it might be too You have done the right thing and got your doctor to check and you are being referred to make sure Please do ring the number on here and speak to a nurse, they will be able to discuss with you more and everyone is on here for you too while you wait appointment or any results But again we’ll done for being vigilant and getting seen :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx


I’ll just add something I learned from my GP, rather than repeat Shi’s lovely post. My GP didn’t think I had breast cancer (actually neither did the consultant till my biopsy results came back) and she later told me she was stunned to see I’d had a breast cancer diagnosis. She said that breast cancer lumps generally have a certain feel to them which is a good guide for her in knowing whether or not breast cancer is likely. I won’t give the details because it will set you off poking and prodding and making yourself even more sore.

I went to the GP with just 2 tiny raised freckles on my areola. I checked and glared balefully every 10 minutes. It made no difference. They were still there. Do your best not to prod your lump. You’ll possibly have a mammogram - you don’t want a sore boob by then. Try to accept that whatever is going on will soon be in great hands and it’s something you have no control over - you can’t stop it changing or growing (though some cysts have been known to vanish by the time of the appointment!) but you can make examination less comfortable for yourself if it’s bruised.

You are not taking up someone else’s appointment - the 2-week promise applies to everyone and you’ll receive the same care and attention as a patient who has breast cancer. This is essential. They can’t afford to miss anything can they?

I hope your appointment goes well. Meanwhile, sit on your hands, do mindfulness, baking, whatever you can to relax yourself. I plugged into YouTube self-hypnosis videos.

All the best, Jan x

For anyone who ever spends those 2 weeks on google like I did… I went to clinic today was examined and had ultrasound and its just a swollen NORMAL lymph node!