Small lump under rib cage in rhs.

I have had a recurrence Nov 2007 and lost my reconstruction:

Lately, I have been feeling rather bloated over the last few weeks, possibly because I had been consuming lots of pasta and wine, hoping to grow a tum for a replacement reconstruction.

However, in a moment of paranoia I started feeling my stomach for lumps and was gobsmacked to find a small rubbery lump just below my rib cage on the far RHS… I have read that a couple of you actually felt a lump there too that turned out to be liver mets.

Please could you give me an honest account of exactly what the lumps felt like…ie. hard or rubbery, large or small? I am due to have a CT scan next Tues and as a stage 3b am prepared for the worst!

Thanks Nikki

Hi Nikki

My liver just felt like a large hard lump under my breast bone when I wnet to the hospital my onc said it was so enlarged thats why I could feel it. I also couldn’t eat so thats different to you and lost a lot of weight.

I’m sure other ladies will be along soon with their experiences.

All the best for tuesday.

Beli x


I have a small rubbery lump on my right side but its absolutely nothing to do with my liver mets!!

I first became aware of it in 2003 when i lost loads of weight- its a lipoma. Does your feel like its in the skin, and a sort of loose rubbery lump? Mine has never shown up on scans etc. Liver mets in 2007 were detected through a rise in the blood markers.

It doesnt necessarily mean anything…maybe the bloating is actually slightly more worrying, but that could so easily be nothing. But you are doing the right thing getting this checked out- best wishes for tuesday


Thanks Cathy and Beli

I wondered if it is a lipoma as I do have one on my arm…it’s hard to describe really, not really attached to the skin and not really loose, but retty small!

The scan I am having is a routine pre reconstruction surgery one, and to be honest I’m glad of it as I seem to have so many wierd ailments at the mo it will at least put my mind at rest! My stomach feels like I’m 3 or 4 months pregnant sometimes and I can only wear hipsters as the thought of anything restricting my waist is horrendous! My hips are a size 10, but my waist a 12 plus! What with that, the lump and strange subtle pains in my femur and lower back… Well, you know how the mind plays!

Any info from anyone who has experienced similar is welcomed…