small mishap.......giant reaction

I think I am going crazy. The slightest little thing that goes wrong has me upset or very angry. Silly things like writing comments here and losing them or people being out when I telephone.
I am getting really clumsy as well, knocking things over etc. and I react so strongly to this.
Fortunately I live by myself so it doesn’t affect anyone else[except my cats].
In the great scheme of things these mishaps do not matter and I know that. I try not to dwell on my dx and get on with it. So why is this happening?


Hi Margaret

I think we spend so much time and energy in trying to show we can 'just get on with it that we bury the anxieties and fears. Then when minor things happen it is just the trigger and we let of steam. I used to find that I could cope with the big things but if I so much as hurt my little finger it would be blown up out of all proportion. Don’t know the solution but I think to recognise why it is happening is half the battle. I think we should all be issued with a punchbag on diagnosis :slight_smile:


Margaret, i think that it’s a long road we all have to go down till recovery and it’s not like having a cold where you know next week you’ll be fine and back at work.
personaly i feel frustrated at not being able to do things for myself and hate asking my oh and kids to do the things i want done like cleaning the windows etc. i also forget things and sometimes find it hard to finish a sentance as i forget what i was talking about half way through. i wish the onc dept would have a sound proof letting of steam room where we could go to scream or punch a (padded) wall. and
your not crazy your just trying to deal/cope with bc. keep talking about it if it helps we’re all here for you.

take care.

Margaret - I can be just the same sometimes.

Really angy really quickly- like PMT - it comes and goes.

also dropped my fave glass saucepan lid last week and also a cheap bowl

spill coffee in everyone’s house

not to worry heh???
love Fizbix xx

As the others have said we spend so much energy coping with the big issues that when something small happens we just go off like a rocket. I totally over-reacted when my son crashed his car (ok that was quite a big thing and he did break his wrist - but in a way I was annoyed that I had to sit in A&E for 3 hours and ALL he had was a broken wrist!!!) Obviously when I had calmed down I was greateful that he had not broken his back or his neck.

I found I was less tolerant of ppl wasting my time or not accepting what I was saying, I used to give ppl loads of time even when it was wasting mine but now I am not so giving - this came in very handy at work and they used my ‘don’t bloody mess with me’ attitide to get rid of all the cold calls trying to sell us mobile phone contracts or fuel cards etc … as for that creepy man who wanted me to buy all our office stationery from him … well he will not be calling again, but in my defence he did keep calling me ‘my love’

Hi All

Just to chip in to say I am exactly the same.

I seem to loose my temper at the drop of a hat. I am very PMT ish at times.

I also seem to be being a little careless - I broke a glass yesterday & was really angry with myself, & then had to clean it all up. Vacumm & clean the floor which then made me tired & even more angry at myself for being so bloody tired !!!

But I can laugh at myself & my other half just shrugs it all off - so not to worry

Love Tips x

I found I was very tempered on FEC and taxotere. I never understood the phrase ‘red mist’ until I was on these chemos and then just would start shouting for no reason!!
The tiredness also adds to clumsiness I think and just the general stress of chemo.
Hope there’s not too many mishaps then!!
I managed to boil my husband’s only pair of contact lenses in the kettle at the bed and breakfast last weekend. Somehow, we found them as they didn’t appear in the cups of tea I’d made - under the element. After a big soaking in saline, they were OK but i felt so stupid - he should have told me that he’d put them in the glass next to the kettle - how was I supposed to know!!!

Can I join this club too. I cope absolutely fine as long as everything goes along tickety boo, the slightest thing goes wrong like, as Margaret, says losing a post on here when you’ve spent time thinking about and writing down how you feel about something, forgetting an appt, burning the tea, whatever it is I just crash completely and once the tears start its reach for the life jackets before we all drown.

Goodness knows when it starts to improve, I finished all treatment in early January and it still happens way to often and as for doing stupid things the list is endless. I put the washing in the machine then walk away without switching it on, I put the machine on without putting the washing in it, the other day I got the washing in off the line, it was still abit damp so thought I would give it 10 mins in the drier, put it in the washing machine - UNBELIEVABLE. It drives me bonkers.


to be honest I think your mind is always on the go and even though you think your not thinking about it its in your subconsions too so when your in mid sentence your mind wanders and you forget what your saying I actually find this so funny and the kids laugh their heads off. But the funiest part is when hlaf hour I remember what I was saying and for no apparent reason I shout ye ha everyone looks at me strange and says mums off on one of her moments again. Or I bust out laughing at something amoeone said couple hours ago talk about delayed reaction. But hey cant even put it down too age (47)


See i cant even spell now lolololol

Mine is not so much the bad temper as the clumsiness and mistakes. I dropped my husband’s mobile into a huge plate of curry the other day, lol. I find it hard to think of the right word sometimes as well and my memory is not its usual razor-sharp self. I think we just have to forgive ourselves a lot more at this time.

Louise x

I keep drifting off mid-sentence …

I just can’t remember things - but i do say “it will come back to me” but when?

as i’m in the closet I can see people thinking - is she ok?? because i am usually very sharp. new people I meet just think I’m thick - but am I bovvered??? I don’t fink so!

losing my brain has been the hardest thing for me by far

my OH now knows what it would have been like if he’d married a “dumb blonde type” and I think he’s been in a bit of shock …no offence to blondes by the way - my best friend is a very intelligent blonde!

lots of love FizBix xxxxxxxxxxx