small op yesterday!

hi everyone.
had small procedure done yesterday… a Taylor procedure!? to split an artery before i have my mas and recon next week.
i hurt so much after this op, very petrified how i’m gonna feel after the op next week!!
seein my bcn friday to talk me through my mas and recon, i’m havin a tram flap! - startin to think i’d rather not know!!


Hi Gemma…see my thread ‘Just Had Surgery’ and I hope this will make you feel a little better.

I had my mast last Wednesday and by Friday was on no more than paracetemol…there is more pain relief if you need it, so don’t worry, but the actual op is nowhere near the agony of waiting.

I didn’t opt for the reconstruction straight away - I needed to get my head round one thing at a time - but I wish you well.

Hi Gemma,

Sorry to hear that what was a ‘small procedure’ has hurt so much. I can imagine that doesnt give you much confidence for the bigger op. I have had a couple of mastectomies, and a VRAM (like TRAM but other way round). I was surprised every time at how relatively painless each of those ops was - am wishing you well for next week and hope all goes smoothly.