small pea sized lump appeared just below my elbow

Tell me Im being paranoid…please

Just finished chemo, about to have mx…surely this couldn’t be anything, could it?
Im losing ability to think rationally… Not got an appointment with the onc until well after the operation…

Hi Tree
Everything is such a worry. I would never have thought that a little lump near your elbow would have anything to do with breast cancer - maybe it’s a blocked gland or something. I feel for you having this worry though - I’m completely paranoid too. Keep an eye on it maybe it’ll go down in a day or two.
Ruby xx

Thanks for your reply ruby. Was just wondering if anyone on here had had any experience of this sort of thing…

Doesn’t sound likely to me but I’m no expert. As with all our paranoias nowadays, I suspect you won’t feel better til
You have had it checked by your doctor, so maybe go and see her/him so you can resolve it and move on. Mine are sick of me …:slight_smile:

Thanks tors. Sounds a silly question, but do you think I should go straight to my Gp, or ring the breast nurse?

Tree, get it checked out for peace of mind - yours!! I had a lump behind my ear that turned out to be a spot, but for 2 days it was a bone met to me! Totally understand why you feel the way you do!
All the best Pxxx

Hi Tree
We will all worry about lumps and bumps from now on.

I have a lump in the inside of my elbow where they tell me that the vein is a little aggrieved from the chemo and needles and it is lumpy.

Hopefully yours is similar - but do phone and speak to someone for peace of mind.

I think that if you have a good bcn, I’d ask her just because she will be more used to paranoia! Good luck


Thanks so much for your replies. Kept me sane last night.
Saw my doctor today. She said that it was proberbly nothing to worry about, just to watch if it gets any bigger or starts to hurt.
Not exactly the reassurance I was looking for, but I feel better than yesterday.
Thanks again . xx