Small veins

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone has been having probs with small veins. Had 4th chemo last week and each one is geting worse as they find it more difficult to get a line set up. Nurses are really good but my right hand is somewhat bruised after 3 attempts before success!
Almost begining to dread this part of treatment as much as the chemo itself.


Hi, my Chemo unit used the microwavable kernel sacs, they are nice and warm and open up veins. Otherwise, hot water bottle may be worth a try? Good luck!

Hi techno

Maybe this is a silly question but do they soak your hand in hot water first? They do this at my sessions and it really helps.

Good luck

Anne x x

thxs tina & anne - yeah I do have my hand warmed in water 1st but they usually need to do it several times to get a result. How do kernel sacs work ? not heard of them…


You could try drinking loads before you go to try and plump the veins up, then do the warm water soak when you get there.
Having said that, I used to have big big veins but since chemo they are really difficult to get a needle into now, and I am now quite needle phobic and like you dread that more than the chemo. I went for a body scan last week and it took 5 attempts to get the needle in for the contrast, when I came out and met my husband I just burst into tears.

Has no one suggested a PICC line? I hated the thought of having mine and hated it for a while, but once I was used to it, I grew to love it! It made my chemo so much easier and once it was over I elected to keep the PICC for an extra month or so to be used when I had surgery.


sorry you have to go through this, too. My hand was always the same when i did my fec (finished Feb this year). Soaking my hand in hot water did help a bit.


Sorry you are going through this.

I had the same prob last year - restricted to one hand and was having weekly chemo. My record was 3 hours (just for them to find a vein) when I broken down in tears at the clinic! I actually dreaded this part of the treatment more than the chemo. Tried soaking hands in hot water, drinking lots before hand, also a heat pad. I was eventually suggested the PICC line. Hated the thought of it, but really wish I had it from the start. It just made the time at the clinic a lot shorter.