smear test /tamoxifen

I wonder if anyone can advise here- have been invited to a smear test,3 yrs after my last one but was surprised as I am now 52 and thought that smears were every 5 years after 50 (it says this in the letter)
Would this be because of a breast cancer dx ?
Also,if I go am finding it very difficult to know when my next period is due as they are quite haphazard - no pattern anymore ! And the discharge bit bothers me as surely that might mask any results ?

I do the smear recalls at the doctors surgery where I work, the recall goes on the age you were at the date of the smear and your previous results.

I assume you have just had your recall letter, if that is correct then you would have been 49 when you had you last smear, meaning a 3 year recall. The 5 year recall is when you are 50 or over when you have your smear.

If your periods are irregular, then just say this when you book your test, this will then be reported on the smear test form when it goes to the lab. This is very common when us ladies reach a certain age, a smear can be taken at any time other than when you are on a period if your periods are irregular.

The discharge shouldn’t matter to the smear results, they may even identify it.


ah,that explains it then - thank you - now to psych myself up to go !

I know what you mean about psyching yourself up for it. I hate having mine done.

Marian xx