Smelly wee on Tamoxifen

I have written about this on another site for ladies living with BC and there was a rather large response.

I noticed my wee, has had a strong smell, since I’ve been on Tamoxifen.

I do drink plenty of water - mainly soda water - and cranberry juice, but the pongy pee is still there.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Linda x


yes. sorry no idea of a solution other than peg on nose…Mine is always funny colours too due to vit pills I take


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Hi linda and debbie

I read your comments with great interest, i am on arimidex and have noticed over the past few weeks that my underneath is what you would call smelly, also have dark urine due to vitamins, have to change underwear as seems stained and smelly too. thought i had an infection but everything i have bought over the counter has made no difference. Perhaps this is due to the Arimidex and i should stop buying pessaries and such like now and accept it, perhaps it is something to do with the lack of oestrogen in our bodies.

sorry that this is a bit graphic


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Same here. Since being on Arimadex I have had stronger coloured urine and I always feel “smelly”. Although I have been told I`m not.

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Same here Suzy

I am not using pessaries or anything. Think Tam causes a bit of discharge. be as graphic as you like


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