So a few questions concerning a lump...

So I am after some advice as I’m concerned/confused! I have had this like tiny lump in the middle of my chest just above my breasts… Like if I make clevage it’s like right at the top of that if that makes sense!! Sorry hard to explain!! Anyway… IV had this tiny lump going on 5 years and slowly over the years it has got bigger like it was let’s say .2mm now it’s like 4cm wide. It’s sticks right out. IV always though this to be a cyst and nothing more!

So a few days ago it started growing rapidly and my breasts have been aching and my shoulders and underarms but I thought this was the cyst infected and went to the doctor to get some antibiotics and request it to be removed as it’s now quite noticeable and ugly!!

At the doctor she examined it and said it’s actually really hard, harder than what a cyst should be. And that I may need a biopsy as it may a tumor of some kind. But I got antibiotics and am going back next week for a biopsy.

She asked me lots of questions like chest pain and breathing trouble s which I have had lately and I’m so tired. Like ridiculously tired, (but I do have two jobs 2 kids and uni degree so I just accepted that this was that…)

Anyway what I’m trying to ask could this be breast cancer lump? Due to its nature location and size and how long it’s been there.

It’s throbbing pain, size of a large marble, slightly bumpy, kinda movable and sticks right out but I can feel it goes deeper…

I went thinking well it routine to an entirely different mind set now!!!
I can find nothing online anything like it! And to the eye I would say it’s a cyst… But now I’m not sure… It’s kinda red and my neck and breasts are itchy as anything!!

Just wondering if anyone had thoughts on this???


Hi May,
Well, it’s good you’ve got it seen to & it’s also good that the Dr has referred you for a biopsy.
You are most likely right about it & bc is the least likely thing it could be, but obviously the Dr is rightly, being thorough.
As we generally say here, as the Dr has it all in hand, it can help with the anxious wait to avoid googling symptoms as it can only feed anxiety, often for no reason.
If you want to, let us know how you get on.

Yeah thanks! I know I thought it is probably nothing but it the way I was asked questions and words biopsy and tumour sent me googling ( I know that’s totally stupid but I can’t help it!!) I thought like where it is most likely not BC, but just being close and the pain in my breasts sent my mind wandering!I always seem to think the worst… But it may be just infection pain!!

Weird how a few words can send you into panic!

I’ll update what they say!! Thank you ? xx

May91, quite right to go to the docs as we are all amateurs on here! Sounds quite strange, and I had difficulty imagining it.  Once the biopsy is done you will know for sure . Let us know how you get on with your little (hard) friend . X