So angry still

Hi everyone
This is my first post. I have secondary in bone, lung and liver. I was told this in feb this year and physically feel well apart from a little tired but mentally feel like I’m losing it! I’m so angry with everyone which is alien to me as I’m usually a positive person. Don’t want to bring anyone else down but I can only talk to people to a certain extent as no one else really knows how I feel. Any advice or understanding would be greatly appreciated. Sorry to sound so negative.

Hi Lyanne42

Welcome to the forums, I am sorry to read that you are feeling like this, I am sure you’ll find some support and understanding here. There’s a busy thread called ‘bone mets’ where you will be made to feel very welcome and supported, here’s the link:

I am posting a link to further support you may find helpful :

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Lyanne, but whoa hold on, never apologise for sounding negative, you were only given this diagnosis a few months ago, all these feelings are so normal, so understandable. Even when we feel well physically we still carry the diagnosis in our heads, that’s a heavy burden. I’ve been living with bone mets for twelve years, some soft tissue mets for five years and I’m still finding my way. The only advice I have is talking to others with mets helps me. More so than an expert who might be able to understand to some extent but who doesn’t have secondaries. I found I felt anger and then sadness, I wasn’t very young but early 40’s so not so old. If it helps, use these forums to offload, we understand the frustrations, worry, just the uncertainty this diagnosis brings. Love B. X

Thank you for replying Belinda
I was 32 on my first diagnosis and I’m now 42. People tell me it’s a natural feeling but as you know it’s so hard to stay positive. I have 2 children that I try to put a front on with but it’s exhausting. I feel so let down by the medical profession over endless things but I suppose this again is a common theme. Hope you are well and thanks again
Lyanne xx

Hi lyanne, just wanted to echo what the other ladies have said. Unless you have been there no one really knows…and we all have !! This forum is invaluable for support and friendship, letting off steam, crying, laughing and being able to say to people on here what you dont feel able to say to anyone else. i hope you keep posting. x