So anxious

Not a lot of point to this thread but just need to get it out of my system.  A bit of history in brief - recall from routine mammogram, repeat mammogram, ultrasound, biopsies of tumour and 2 lymph nodes, 10 days later cancer diagnosis, fairly good as grade 1 invasive ductal carcinoma, good prognosis surgery then radiotherapy, the dr casually dropped into the conversation there were other areas of concern in both breasts from original mammogram, MRI scan last week, phone call I made to breast care nurse on Monday to be told somethings shown up on MRI so need more ultrasound, I phoned yesterday to cancel pre op check as now having surgery privately with a recommended surgeon, to be told it wouldn’t be in my best interests to cancel as have urgent surgery booked for 21st November - first I have heard of this; went for pre op assessment and no one could find anything about op date. I’m so confused, unsure and absolutely terrified about what they will say today.  My husband is a star but today he is so worried - we’re not very good for each other this minute.  Anyway - off to my appt, will update later…

jane x

How did you get on Jane ?

Hi Jane, lots of point to the thread, you let it out! Bottling it up is worse. So how did it go?


Sounds like the arse end doesn’t know what he other ends doing! Be helpful to know about surgery or its a bit hard to turn up :smileylol:


I’m like you, have a suspicious area in the other breast but whilst every other result has appeared, this is no where to be seen!! Grrrr! My BCN doesn’t seem to get my anxiety, which I don’t find very heartening.

Thank you for replies. It’s great to be able to let off steam without upsetting my husband.  Well, I had the ultrasound, and the radiologist was really thorough, checked all areas of both breasts and under my arms.  He didn’t biopsy any areas as thinks they are benign cysts.  Results will need to be looked at by the breast consultant, but for the first time in a month I am cautiously optimistic.  Might actually manage to sleep for more than an hour! 

Jane x

So pleased you have had good news Emily. I am meeting my consultant on Monday and then having a pre op assessment in the new hospital I’ve moved to, and then my operation is on Friday.  Was feeling much better but now know that the wait for the pathology report on the tumour and lymph node will wobble me all over again.  I was trying to explain to someone that this disease isn’t like having your appendix out, where you know you go to hospital, have the operation and then have a recovery time.  My boss, who has been very good, was trying to put some dates on when I’ll be in work, and it’s so difficult as there are no definite answers.