I assume I’m not alone in having finished obvious treatments, chemo and rads and now everyone thinks that because I’ve been discharged from Macmillan that I’m CURED.

I’m not cured yet, I won’t actually know until 5 years and even then it’s not positive. Also, I have dense boobs (and dense head but thats coincidence) so may be difficult to detect lumps on mammograms if they are small, they had a job with the 2 inch lump they could FEEL.

But anyway, I’ve even now got the point where people I don’t know that well are going “Oh so you’re cured then?” and I’m just going “yeaaaahhhh, thank gawd” because it’s easier.

I’d thought about developing a factsheet I can keep in my handbag and hand out when asked. LOL.

Anyone any ideas for it? Ha ha. The sarcastic, sardonic or downright obvious please…

I know what you mean El Kat! I just say something along the lines of “unfortunately no, bc has a nasty habit of coming back and so once you have it, its with you for life”.

I am sure Ninja will be along soon to impart one of her fantastic one liners! Have saved this to my favourites in anticipation!

DaisyGirl xx

oh yes, Ninja will be on the case,mind u El Kat u’ve come out with some corking one-liners on here,lol. Im sure u’ll think of something. It’s fab that you’ve finished treatment but it must be so irritating when people say things like ‘oh ur cured’ they really have no idea do they.
I think im gonna save this thread as well,i think it may keep me amused,lol x

Hiya El K!

How about this for your fact sheet:-

"In order to completely guarantee no recurrence of cancer EVER, the NHS now offer every person the opportunity to download their very own magical wand, from"

Much love,
Shelley xxx

My ears were burning.

Hows about:

“Unfortunately, tomorrow I’ll still have cancer and you’ll be a tw*t”


That’s my girl!

Lol! xxx

Lol love it. Xx

I knew this one would be a belter of a thread :wink:
Lets all have a good old VENT!

And whilst we are on the subject of magic… I’ve noticed a high percentage of ladies on here with black cats, myself included.
So proportionately to population, if you have a black cat are you statistically more likely to develop breast cancer ?

Come on then you Snake Oil people, do your worst

How about ‘I’m only cured till my next hospital visit, then the situation my change’
‘you try going through this, then tell me I’m cured’
‘Don’t ask such stupid questions, take time out and read about it’.

Sorry, got wound up, I’ve been having the same thing said to me.

Eunice x

P.S. I have two tabby cats and a small dog lol.

Hi Everybody

Just wanted to say I am nearly 2 years down the line and people say the same thing to me.

Yes I know I look great but they don’t see the times when I have fatigue and aching joints with the Letrozole tablets, or the worry we still all have of the dreaded BC coming back.

Just wanted to vent my feelings to.

Love Anne xx

Love it - nearing the end of Rads and for the first the first time I am actually feeling scared about the future, but everyone thinks its all over…

I will be watching this with interest - maybe we should collate the best responses and get some cards printed to hand out!

My priest has been lovely and really supportive to me and my O since my diagnosis. Tonight he was pleased for me that I’d had the last chemo
and said " good, you’ll be able to start getting back to normal"
I don’t think so - rads next.

Another one from the Ninj:

“Invasive cancer cannot be cured. It can only be temporarily contained.
Some people have better holding tanks than others”.

Is that true Ninja? Is it not possible to get rid of the cancer cells by cutting them out and by killing them…? You’ve scared me now…

Sorry for scaring you, Sandy.

It was written as a response to well-meaning fiends(sic) who think that once you’ve had your treatment, that your “little blip” can all be forgotten about.
I’m aiming to be in the “good” % without a recurrence (inasmuch as any of that is within my control, i.e. it isn’t) but I sure as hell will NEVER forget this year and I will always have that monkey on my shoulder.

Oh, I know I’ll be worried and know there is a chance of it coming back no matter how far along from dx, but thought that the chance of being cured was getting rid of it…it’s just that we’ll never know if it’s all gone or not…??

Sorry to barge my way in here ladies,I swear my mam (just as suspected) thought I was cured just about as I rolled off the operating table!
I knew she would as well,she didn’t believe me when I told her “Ive got breast cancer” “ohh have u ad a biopsy yet”? “yes” ( 7 I said) she said " when" I said “today” so she say’s " well if you only had it today then they can’t possibly know" so I said “mam there not gonna tell me I’ve got breast cancer on a whim are they”? I walked away she still didn’t believe me !
Funny she believes me now !!
Well just to put a spanner in the works for you all,it’s now 2.1/2 years since any chemo and I am still suffering the SE of it.
While on chemo I slept 17 hrs a day (& in between) but I was very badly with it couldn’t even walk,now down the line,my hair has never come back properly it still looks bald at the crown and it’s noticable,I never got my eyebrows back at all none even now,I am still sleeping 12 hours a day,frankly I’m fed up of it now,my mother wonders why I don’t visit her, why because I can’t!!
Because if I do anything say like go shopping then the next day I am wiped out,most the day’s I’m wiped out,I have no energy,I get up (thats if I do get up) tired I could go back to bed.

Weeannie} can you let me know your SE still cos I’m thinking now this is just me and noone else is as bad as I am still???

By the way Ive got 4 cat’s Marble (torti) 2 black poppy & Lunar and my big fluffy long haired grey & white Minstrel and a woofer King Charles Cavilier called Betty and 3 guinea pigs salt pepper N bob lol x

I wonder if the Daily Fail has an opinion on the ownership of guinea pigs? Hamsters, maybe, with or without wellies.