So back in the whirlpool

ok so bit of a bummer last week. Diagnosed 2010 full treatment, surgery, chemo, rads, been doing ok. Had appointment with onco last Wednesday thought I would be discharged. I have had a squint for the last 18 months being seen by ophthalmics, kept asking could it be anything to do with cancer kept getting oh no.

you guessed it, 30 secs with onc, need to check that out!!! 

Now waiting CT brain and whole body, very slim chance of a recurrence, but, boy am I in a tail spin, any ladies out there can help I’m feeling every emotion under the sun, waiting for test appointment etc feeling really fed up, just had life going ok after several years of blah oh @@@%#¥

Hi pattymi, 

I am sorry you are going through this difficult time and I am sure some of users will be along shortly to share what they know and offer some support.

In the meantime do call our support line at 0808 800 6000 who can talk to you about this anxious time and offer a friendly ear.

Best wishes, 


Digital Community Assistant 

Hi patty - I feel for you as I wait for a bone biopsy appointment, hopefully Friday. I can relate to your comment about life going ok then getting the rug pulled out from under you. I had taken up cycling, nordic walking and joined a local Rock Choir … really started to feel I was getting the old me back again. It is difficult to cope with the uncertainty, the waiting, the overactive imagination … and I don’t really have anything I can say to make that better other than I understand the emotions and you are not alone.


For me I have found it helpful to know what will be done if the test comes back as metastasis, and I’ve been told they can operate so I am holding on to that as a positive and taking each day as it comes. I am also throwing myself into crafting which helps me to zone out all those worrisome thoughts.


I hope your scan is sorted soon and the news is positive.


Well after some palaver have an appointment for CT on the 18th, the original date I was sent was a week after my oncology appointment! Does it worry anyone else that you spend time sorting these things out yourself, I find it makes me feel quite unsafe and uncared fot


Glad you’re feeling less anxious now Patty and the news seems to be good.



Hi ladies, got the keys to new house yesterday, old one on the market today. Need to be up early tomorrow CT  8:45.  

Just got to get through till results 23rd, still whirling, so pleased got house(been on the go since Feb) but really worried re results, when will this d*mn disease leave me alone