So Confused

Hi All, I’m from Australia and have been recently dx with DCIS, I have found this forum very useful and thought I would join. I went in because of bleeding from the nipple and after a surgical biopsy as diagnosed with DCIS. The biopsy took out 80mm of tissue which included DCIS and 2 small (4 & 6mm) invasive cancers but not all margins were clear. Followed up with and MRI which showed another 40mm of DCIS to be removed. My surgeon has given me the choice of Breast Conserving Surgery (BCS) and Radiation or Mastectomy…Im a 36D and have read lots on the internet that BCS has the same survival rates(tho not recurrance rates) as Mastectomy is all about the level or tissue compared to the size of the breast. Im 46 and whilst I’ve never given it much thought before, all of a sudden my cleavage has become very important to me. Firstly, how did others make this choice and what have been youre experiences with immediate reconstruction after mastectomy? Sorry to go on and on… Wendy Wooshx

Hi Wendy

I had DCIS and had a wide local excision which is the same as Breast conserving surgery, followed by radiotherapy. I was fortunate that the surgery left clear margins. You are right about survival rates with BCS and radiotherapy V mastectomy as long as there are clear margins. This is undoubtably the most important issue. If your surgeon is confident that he can remove the disease with clear margins, then go for BCS. I am sure he must be otherwise he wouldnt give you a choice? It might take a few goes thats the only problem - mastectomy is all done and dusted, so to speak, but then left without a breast. If it was me, I would speak with your surgeon again. Some people want the cancer out regardless of the radical surgery, others would prefer to risk having further surgery.

You need more clinical information so go back to the surgeon or breast care nurse (don’t know if you have them in Australia) or one of the clinical helplines.

Good luck


Thanks Cathy. DId you have a large area to excise…any reconstruction? I’m being offered that as well for BCS, either that or the nipple moves over to the side…have you had this happen to you…?